Ollie The Fucking Cake

HEY! The names Brandon Contreras, I fell in love with skateboarding about 4 years ago and ever since my love for it has grown enormously. i love to take pictures, record videos/gifs, and take selfies so enjoy my personal blog with my personal content! (except random music aha!)

faketual said: Your pictures are awesome

Dude thanks! 

The tounge means whatever you want it to mean ;) aha
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The Front Bottoms - Swimming Pool(Acoustic)


But I’m a creature of a culture that I create

I’m the last one on the dance floor

As the chandelier gives way

And I am permanently

Preoccupied with your past

I’ve been around long enough now

To know that the good things never last

They never last.~

(via the-front-butts)

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